Estuary rod


Length: 12' Casting weight: 30 - 100 grams

Weight: 400 grams Rings: Fuji BSVOG

Available in both 11 and 12 feet these are the mk 2 versions and a great seller to cover multitude of sins; clean ground to fish over from beaches to rocky out-crops spinning for large Pollack. And most importantly it’s so versatile we had to make it dual-rung therefore available to be used for multiplier and fixed spools.

So what, exactly, is an Estuary rod? Well, it’s a bit of a tricky one. It’s not just a flounder rod, it’s not a Bass rod, it’s the sort of rod you use when you don’t want to cast a weight heavier than say, 3 or 4 ozs.

Now that doesn’t mean that’s all this rod will do. Far from it. This rod is not just about casting lighter leads and bottom fishing. This rod will also float fish, even cast lures or plugs. In fact versatility is what this rod is all about.

But before you ask, no. It’s not just a carp rod in disguise!

Due to warmer waters than in previous years, there seems to be an influx of gilthead bream to the more western area of the UK, namely Cornwall and South Devon, primarily in their estuaries.

Also, on the open beaches that border the entrance to the estuaries recently this year, we managed to have a good look at this species in ernest and were able to land some cracking Gilts after those heart stopping first few runs!






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