Why champions choose anyfish.

The PRO series red rods are the crème de la crème of high-end purpose built competition rods, with a no holds barred approach to 3 key attributes: casting, fish ability and winning Identifying them is simple, they are the rods with the red metallic tipping whippings on the rings, and are our premium rod series.

They join the famous red series which have been used by the best of the best anglers in the world, since their inception ten years They have evolved over time so that when a new material or component material is available or, far more importantly, when you the angler asks us to re-asses the models for a multitude of reasons to benefit their fishing. Our rods, like the whole world of competitive match fishing, are constantly evolving.

Every angler we speak to has their own ideas about rods and we listen to each one of you, and then make evolutionary decisions based on your needs and our constructive viewpoints for each rod.


When you look at how far we have come in 10 years, the success of that process is well-proven.

Our Red Rods have helped anglers win a multitude of awards in an every competitive rod market; from almost every single Penn Sea League winner, numerous UK Matches right up to Individual World and Team Gold’s’ at the CIPS World Championships. Clearly, they really are no.1 for competitive fishing!

England stalwart George Smith is probably the most consistent all-round match angler in the UK bar none. He’s won it all and has a trophy cabinet to prove it, he is an angler who wears his heart firmly on his sleeve, is passionate about this sport and has been using our Red Rods 52 weeks a year for the last ten years.

We don’t force him to use them and we don’t pay him to use them, he uses our rods because he chooses to.

They enable him to win. It’s that simple.


Every serious angler should have a good measure of confidence and competence with all the equipment he uses, these rods are able to back that up on the beach week after week. And put fish in the bucket, cast after cast, fish after fish after fish…






PRO series an all new professional standard in sea fishing rods




red rods high performance, match & tournament winning sea fishing rods




blue rods the UK's favourite range of sea fishing rods




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